Fall of Goldsmugglers?

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Re: Fall of Goldsmugglers?

Postby Jabolek » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:57 pm

devteam wrote:We can do nothing about the price of gold. Some players invest while others decide to cash out. It has nothing to do with game's development or economy.

If 2-3 early investors sell their gold, the price will collapse no matter how many new features we add...:)

We have saw this pattern in the last 5 years on multiple games.

Yes and you of course know that many times it was administration fault that early investors started withdrawing when they saw that game is no longer worth to keep money in it. Same is happening now. 3 months ago i started buying companies now there are ending and still we cant open all companies. All companies are almost the same it just other data to produce and sell, nothing more. Its really that hard to fix all companies and let ppl invest into them ?? No, you prefer to dont let them do that (i dont know why??) and you wonder why ppl lost faith on game.

Companies are connected each other with many ways, if 1 of them is bugged (so we cant buy them) other companies can be useless in few days as price for materials can go up and we dont have posibility to open company to produce this material and lower it price.

I think Admin completly dont understand the idea of game he created and simply dont understand that ecenomy of game need all companies to be functional and worthy to manage.
My companies will be dying one after another and i have no intenstion to invest into them again as they worth nothing with rest companies which are still bugged.

Some companies are still half bugged like for example factory buildings productions and tools (we cant sell tools producing tools and plenty more tools). Admin dont even care to fix them. I started withdrawing my gold and i want to say good luck Admin with the game because now you only ruining it with your "i dont give a f...k" attitude.

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Re: Fall of Goldsmugglers?

Postby Torano » Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:40 pm

Yes, like Jabolek said. You can do many things with economy, like closing one of type of companies, and you done it! And when they do that, costs for other companies and finaly typical players raising.
I lost my own money for buying not working license! Who's going to give me my money back? For months you done nothing with politic section, and many other things. Your support kicked me in my ass. What else?
Like Jabolek said big gamers withdrawing their money with a luck of trust.

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