Where is the fun??

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Where is the fun??

Postby tarod7 » Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:18 pm

With these new rules, competition for best mining prices have dissapeared. I can understand why was needed to make dissapear market from game,and probably was a good choice, but I think that still can be made changes in prices for mining to make it more fun. I think there is not autodrop now, it could be implemented again and maybe reduce more the prices when very few people is mining.

About shares I think its the third time I say, for me its the most important and fun side of the game, look at financial now, you can see often hours without movements.

Why players invest money here? (obviously to win gold yes), but I mean, now new players in what spend their money? In instant finish??? ok, for admins can work... What more? Game shares? You have to buy a lot to win a few gold. Refs? there are few, and not cheap.
Oh, yes you can buy very expensive raws now in market, but this is for new players, they spend gold buying raws and intant finish, and if they finally build their cities then realize that they still need raws to keep wining. But how they get now then? War? Well this can work only for a very few players, becouse most of then liberate, so you loose, or only win few.
I think most of income now in Gt comes from factories for non investors, but with actual prices for energy, you cant grow too much.

So,why dont considerate make dividents work again admins?,(change the rates if needed) it could be a excellent way to improve action, fun and investments in Goldentowns.

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Re: Where is the fun??

Postby xema2110 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:14 am

Interesting option, great advice...

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